Microwave dryer dehydration sterilization machine
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Company Profile

Shandong Brawny Industrial has rich experience and fruitful results. At present, there are nearly 300 kinds of microwave equipment products.
Brawny Industrial is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of industrial laboratory drying equipment,chinese herb dehydration and sterilization,chinese medicine herb,drying equipment,chemical powder drying equipment,Microwave dryer and sterilization machine,chinese medicine extraction machine,paper dehydrator and sterilizer,paperboard drying equipment,microwave fast food heating machine,latex products drying machine,microwave oven tunnel machine,Microwave roasting equipment,microwave sterilizer equipment,Oil seeds,Processing Line,soybean oil machine,Sesame Oil machine,coconut oil processing machine,mustard oil machinery,Shea Nut Oil machine,Castor Oil machine, etc. And undertake a variety of application experiments and comprehensive technical services.
Brawny Industrial has a group of professionals with more than ten years of research, production, management and sales. The microwave machines produced are of superior quality and superior performance, and all technical indicators have reached the domestic advanced level. Closely match the market demand, and establish a good cooperative relationship with users to continuously improve their competitiveness. We are motivated to create cost-effective microwave equipment that is recognized by the market.

Shandong Brawny Industrial products are widely used in microwave drying, sterilization, heating, catalysis and dislocation of materials in food, medicine, chemical, leather textile, paper products, wood products, rubber latex, building materials, ceramics, agricultural and sideline products, vacuum sintering and other fields. , puffing, killing, extracting, etc.
Brawny Industrial serves large-scale sports games held by food group companies, chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, universities and institutions, institutions and countries.

The microwave equipment developed and manufactured by Brawny Industrial is exported to Southeast Asia, the European Union, South America and all over the country, providing services for food companies, chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, universities and colleges, institutions and countries.

Compared with other drying equipment, the microwave equipment produced by Brawny Industrial is characterized by high production speed, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. Not only can increase production efficiency and reduce production costs. At the same time, it can also improve the working environment of the workshop and reduce the labor intensity of personnel. Complying with the requirements of social saving and emission reduction, it is the best choice for modern enterprises to upgrade equipment and update production lines.
If you have related requirements, please email us your request or call Brawny Industrial, Brawny Industrial will give you the appropriate application plan, according to your application needs, develop various types of equipment.

Brawny Industrial is people-oriented, taking the interests of customers as the core and improving the competitiveness of customers. It comprehensively organizes and integrates the energy of the industrial chain to provide customers with new microwave equipment suitable for the road.

Brawny Industrial will serve you with the aim of "Your satisfaction is our pursuit". Welcome to call! Welcome to consult and inspect!

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Brawny Industrial was founded in 1999 in Jinan, Shandong Province, and has a history of 19 years.
In 2001, Brawny Industrial passed the ISO quality management system certification (upgraded to ISO9001:2000 in 2003) and environmental system certification, and strictly implemented the quality and environmental system standards for ten years.
In 2005, it was awarded the title of “Shandong High-tech Enterprise” and “Shandong Private Technology Enterprise”.
From 2001 to 2008, he obtained the AAA certificate of enterprise credit contract and the AAA certificate of industry credit.
Since its development, Brawny Industrial has owned more than 40 products in five series of drying equipment, mixing equipment, granulating microwave equipment, sterilization equipment and microwave equipment. Among them, more than ten products have their own utility model patents, and four products have obtained “Shandong High-tech Products”. The two products have been certified by Shandong Province as “Science and Technology Achievements” and “New Technology and New Products”. He has won the Energy Conservation Product Award and the Science and Technology Progress Award from the State Administration of Medicine and the Shandong Municipal Government.
The microwave drying equipment has obtained seven patents. It is a domestic manufacturer with early production, large output and full specifications (20000 liters of “microwave” is the most domestic capacity). It has a high domestic market share and produces GM100 according to GMP standards. heat sterilization box to fill the gap, the performance can be comparable with foreign products;
The manufacturing level of microwave heating equipment, microwave drying equipment, microwave drying equipment and microwave sterilization equipment is among the best in China;
Recently developed microwave rotary vacuum dryer has solved the "world problem" - the drying of the extract, the device has the advantages of fast, low temperature, high efficiency and energy saving.
Brawny Industrial's annual sales have reached more than 90 million yuan. Products are distributed in all major chemical and pharmaceutical companies. We are actively building an overseas sales network, and the products have been initially exported to Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, and received good feedback from users.


1. Quality assurance:
Brawny Industrial strictly implements the national GB10436-89 microwave leakage standard, GB16798-1997 (food machinery safety standard), GB5226 (mechanical and electrical safety standard). Among them GB10436-89 requires: microwave leakage ≤ 5mw / cm2, and our company microwave leakage guarantee ≤ 2mw / cm2.
2. Warranty period:
Definition: 12 months is the quality warranty period from the date the equipment is installed and commissioned.
Free technical service during the warranty period. If the equipment repair service caused by the manufacturer's human factors is used, we will charge the cost price of the spare parts.
More than the warranty period, provide paid lifetime technical services.
3. Service commitment:
1.1. Installation and commissioning of equipment: After the equipment arrives at the demander, when the peripheral conditions such as water and electricity are already available, we will receive the installation and commissioning notice from the purchaser. We will immediately send personnel to the installation site to install the equipment. debugging.
2.1. Personnel training: During the installation and commissioning process, the installation and commissioning personnel will explain the working principle, operation process, maintenance and precautions of the various components of the equipment to the operator of the demanding side, and conduct on-site operation demonstration to enable the operator Get familiar with the equipment as soon as possible, and teach the operator to easily deal with problems that may be encountered during the operation of the equipment.
3.1, after-sales service, service purposes: prompt and timely, warm and thoughtful, integrity first.
Brawny Industrial has a dedicated sales and service center to provide users with 24 hours a day service. After receiving the repair call, the reaction took place within 8 hours and arrived at the scene within 48 hours.

4.1, spare parts:
Brawny Industrial has a wide range of spare parts and spare parts for a wide range of microwave equipment, ensuring that customers get what they need, ensuring their quality and the best price.
Regular accessories are available in 24 hours and special accessories are available in 72 hours.

Our Team

Shandong Brawny Industrial has been committed to the development and research of food machinery. It has developed and developed a variety of different types of Walnut Oil machine, Corn Germ Oil machine, Rapeseed Oil machine, Rice Bran Oil machine, microwave dryer equipment, cottonseed oil machine, Sunflower Oil machine,Peanut Groundnut Oil machine,Small Scale Oil Refining Line,palm fruit machine,solvent extraction machine,Full Continuous Refining Line,Biodiesel Machine,flaxseed oil Machine,camellia oil Machine,moringa seed oil machine,Complete oil production line,eed Hydraulic Press Machine, Large Scale Oil Machine, Edible Oil Filling Line. Shandong Brawny Industrial has a wide range of manufacturing equipment, diverse products, complete supporting series, and all the equipment needed by customers. At present, it is the main professional production, manufacturing and R&D expert of China's extrusion equipment and its supporting equipment. Shandong Brawny Industrial is also selling in the field, Shandong Brawny Industria products are sold to - Europe: UK, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Turkey; America: Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil; Africa: South Africa, Nigeria, Malawi, Mozambique , Congo, etc.; Asia: Myanmar, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, Kyrgyzstan and other countries.